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The Annette Hawkins Dance Ensemble blend the disciplines of Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and African Dance in order to capture the energy and excitement of today’s society.  The Ensemble performs throughout the state and have been honored with several dance awards including the distinguished Regency Talent Competition in Jazz Dancing.  They have been seen in music videos and have been featured artists for the Taste The Night Fashion Extravaganza presented by Bacardi Black.

The Annette Hawkins Dance Ensemble performs regularly at Cultural Events, Festivals, Schools, Universities, Churches, Community Centers, and Private Parties. They have performed at many venues in Chicago including The Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place, the Anthanaeum Theater, The Dance Center of Columbia College, the Richard J. Daley Plaza, Chicago’s  Fine Arts Building.  They have been seen on NBC Channel 5 and Fox News Chicago.  

Members of the Hawkins Dance Ensemble are also committed to providing service to the community by presenting performances in human service settings, and by providing access to the arts to those who may be isolated from the cultural mainstream.   It is our goal to restore a sense of hope and inspiration for audiences by providing opportunities to enjoy music and dance.